Sneaky Sound System & Rudimental @ Metro City in Perth, Western Australia

Review & photography by Sethen Sheehan-Lee

The diversity of those congregating prior to this concert sent a clear message that Rudimental’s songs writing appeals to a varied audience. Looking from the outside it was hard to describe a stereotypical Rudimental fan as the assembled ranged from young university type students to retirees. My impression immediately was that good music has no age restrictions. Considering Rudimental’s famous for collaborating with the likes of; Ed Sheeran, Anne-Marie, John Newman and many more I was interested to see how their performance would fair with their “guest vocalist.”

The support act kick-starting the night was Sneaky Sound System. With a slow and steady pace not exuding energy, the crowd somehow still cherished every moment as it was hard to spot anyone who wasn’t dancing. Despite this enthusiastic response from the crowd, it seemed many hadn’t heard much from Sneaky Sound System since the release of their 2006 smash hit “UFO”. While the commercial success this act had with “UFO” has not been reflected in their following releases this did not repress the delivery of a strong performance.

As the headline act Rudimental came to the stage I witnessed a diversity of elements coming into play. From the perspective of a photographer, it was hard to choose which band member to focus at any given time. The divergence of multiple maneuvers on the stage created vibrant energy in the performance; from the pianists who leaped towards the singers to the trumpeter who never stayed in the same location for more than 10 seconds. The vocal performance throughout the evening was astounding. It was amazing how the lead singer emulated the voices of famous singers without sounding like a straight up impersonator.

My final impression of Rudimental is one of a group brimming with talented musicians who could have easily stood still all night while performing their abundance of hit songs. Alternatively, they strung together a combination of elements, from lighting and sound to movement which left the crowd in awe. Combing sensational energy and musical talent with the three live singers lead to an incredibly engaging performance. While I wasn’t a tremendous fan of the group before attending this concert, I can say with full conviction that I’ll be making an effort to see them when they are in Perth again.

Sneaky Sound System | Rudimental



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