Speelburg and MKTO @ Slim’s in San Francisco, CA

Review & photography by Samantha Toy

Malcolm Kelly and Tony Oller who make up of MKTO are officially back as a duo after a two-year hiatus. Within the past year, the two has released a single, “How Can I Forget” which has already surpassed over 33 million streams via Spotify and have done promo around the nation since. Just recently, they did a three-date California tour while they stopped at Slim’s in San Francisco, CA. While this is just the beginning of their comeback, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for them! 

Starting off the show was solo artist, Speelburg, who is an American and Belgium artist that was raised in France. As eight pm just ticked on the clock, he was onstage with quite a lovely entrance—happiness and laughter from the small crowd. While the evening just was beginning, fans were quietly watching him as he performed original music. Even though many fans have not heard of him before the show, they expressed an interest to him as his set progressed. He threw in a few jokes which the crowd enamored. 

Shortly after Speelburg left the stage, MKTO was on within a few minutes, and the crowd went wild! While their crowd was very small, approximately a selection of sixty people, it was an intimate show for them. Though some may say that it was disappointing for a small turnout, it didn’t stop MKTO from putting on an outstanding performance! Throughout their set, they played some of their biggest hits such as “Just Imagine It,” “American Dream,” “Bad Girls,” “God Only Knows,” and their latest single, “How Can I Forget” which fans sang along to. They even performed their upcoming track, “Shoulda Known Better” which releases this Friday, June 14, 2019, that is about Tony’s overcoming of being sober for two years—an incredible achievement for him. 

As more songs were being played, the crowd was getting more enthusiastic. Before you knew it, the night, unfortunately, had to come to a stop as they ended with their biggest hit, “Classic,” that is one of my personal favorite songs. Even though it was a short night, it was one of my favorite performances of the year! Stay tuned for MKTO’s upcoming track that releases THIS FRIDAY (June 14, 2019) and for any future performances! 

Speelburg | MKTO


MKTO setlist (in no particular order)

Just Imagine It

How Can I Forget


Thank You


God Only Knows

American Dream

Could Be Me

Goodbye Song


Hands off My Heart / Places You Go

Bad Girls

Afraid of The Dark

Shoulda Known Better (new song releasing 6/14)


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