Sneaky Sound System & Rudimental: MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA 2019

Sneaky Sound System & Rudimental @ Margret Court Arena in Melbourne, Australia

Review by Gwynethfah Ogden / photography by Dana Hope

There’s nothing like spending your Sunday evening with a bunch of strangers, singing and dancing along to vibrant, energetic tunes — and that is exactly what I did. Sunday saw the final leg of The Rudimental tour in Australia, and if I’m honest, it did not disappoint one single bit.

Opening act Sneaky Sound System set the mood high and really made you want to have a good old fashion Dance Dance, Party Party. Playing new hits and of course their old hits Pictures, I Love it and UFO they had the crowd moving, singing and dancing along from start to finish. Being such big entertainers duo Connie and Black Angus really prepared the crowd for Rudimental to take to the stage.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen Rudimental live, or maybe you’ve just seen an insta video of them doing their thang but I can tell you this, they are AMAZING, VERSATILE and make you wish that you could hangout with your pals and start a band so you can have as much fun as they do.

I’ve never seen a band engage and captivate an audience the way that they do either.
Kicking off their set with ‘Right Here’ and bleeding into the absolute tune that is Not Giving In, you could tell that they were ready to give us the show of a lifetime. Seamlessly blending in song after song and playing hits like Waiting All Night, Toast to Our Differences and Sun Comes Up made you realize that this band wants to show you their love and determination for life and they do it like no other.

Rudimental provided one of the most versatile performances from start to finish, making sure you that every single person on stage got to showcase their abilities in different songs, from the girls taking the lead to trumpet solos and drummer to guitar changes, they had you captivated every step of the way. Sad to see them leave but happy to say that my heart and soul is filled with nothing but love and admiration for this lovely UK band.

An Incredible and fun end to the Tour and I am blessed to have witnessed the magic that is Rudimental.

Sneaky Sound System | Rudimental



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