Billy Raffoul: LOS ANGELES, CA 2019

Billy Raffoul @ The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA

Review & photography by Aubree Estrella

Emerging artist, Billy Raffoul, brought his one-man show to the Troubadour on June 12th as he opened for Parachute on The Young Tour. This was his second show of a two-night stop at the iconic Troubadour in Los Angeles, California. Fans lined the venue ready to either see another Billy concert or watch a new artist who would soon become one of their favorites after his set. As soon as the doors opened the room filled with energy and anticipation, with fans ready for a night of incredible music.

At 8:00 pm, Raffoul took to the stage with only a Fender Telecaster and six-foot pedals that acted as his drummer for the night. He opened the show with his first song “I’m Not a Saint” off of his 1975 EP that immediately had the audience clapping along with the beat and echoing Billy’s voice during the “oh-oh-ohs.” The sea of people cheered as the song concluded and fell into laughter as Billy cracked jokes and thanked everyone for being there with him in the famous venue. He then went into his song “Difficult,” saying that he hoped it would not be difficult to listen to as he smiled at the crowd. The on and off love song was just as easy to listen to as it was to sing along to the chorus. Whether the people in the crowd were singing his lyrics or shazaming his lyrics, everyone in the audience was captivated by the talented artist performing them.

The Leamington, Ontario native played some of his fan-favorite hits throughout the night, including the highly acclaimed “Acoustic” and even performed an unreleased soon-to-be hit. Billy debuted his new single “Easy Tiger” in a special moment, performing the song without any help from a microphone, letting his grainy vocals paired with his guitar fill the room. Phone cameras were immediately held in the air, capturing the stripped back version of the alt-rocker. Given the perfect mixture of both an electric atmosphere and intense, intimate moments, the show will remain unforgettable for all who experienced it.

Billy Raffoul’s raw talent was certainly an absolute pleasure to witness. It’s not often you can see an artist play the drums with only his feet as he strums a right-handed guitar flipped for a lefty – Jimi Hendrix style. He held the audience in the palm of his hands his entire set and graced the Troubadour stage that has been home to many other legendary artists. Although this might have been my first Billy Raffoul show, it will definitely not be my last.

Billy Raffoul


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