Frenship @ Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, CA

Review & photography by Natalia Fernández

After releasing their debut album Vacation and a successful tour around the US, the electro-pop duo Frenship returned to their home Los Angeles to perform in front of a packed Fonda Theatre. James Sunderland and Brett Hite were front and center, accompanied by a keyboardist and drummer at the back, the four wearing matching white outfits that combined with the stage setting, filled with plants, two fluorescent umbrellas and circular neon light in the center; a scenography that screamed “summer”.

The duo performed their electronically-produced tracks in a live setting with ease, switching between bass, electric and acoustic guitar, keys, and spot-on vocal harmonies, all while dancing, interacting with the crowd and with each other. They are absolutely comfortable on stage, they danced like no one was watching, even in front of a thousand people. That kind of chemistry cannot be choreographed: it was simply two friends having the time of their lives together.

When the night was coming to an end, Celeste Tauchar emerged from behind her piano at the back of the stage and began to sing their hit song “Capsize”. The crowd responded with excitement, and Celeste’s vocal performance was as smooth as her backup keys and guitar during the whole show.

Frenship has been one of my favorite LA bands for a while; but after this concert, they’re also in my “most fun shows I’ve ever been to” list.

Check out their Facebook page: Frenship!


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