Nick Murphy (FKA Chet Faker) @ The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA

Review & photography by Natalia Fernandez

The Australian singer Nick Murphy, FKA Chet Faker, came to Los Angeles to present his newest album, Run Fast Sleep Naked, the first one under his real name. He kicked off the night at The Wiltern with the opening song of the album, “Hear it Now,” in a very moody setting.

Murphy delivered a great balance of old and new tunes, which the audience seemed to enjoy. Seamlessly oscillating between hit tracks like Talk is Cheap and Gold and the newer, poppier and slightly experimental tunes. He commanded the stage, dancing around and moving between different instruments; with his flawless and moving vocals that glued the performance together. He spoke little, pausing only briefly between songs to thank the audience for their good energies.

After the show concluded, the crowd demanded an encore energetically. He came back after a short pause and performed “Believe (Me),” a slow-tempo touching song from his last album, and “Medication,” a more experimental tune he released as a single in 2017. Two very contrasting tracks, a perfect way to end the night.

You can check out Nick’s website at the link here for further announcements on tour dates, music, and more!


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