JD Beck & Domi Keys w/CHON: SACRAMENTO, CA 2019

JD Beck & Domi Keys w/CHON @ Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA

Review & photography by Marisela Delgado

Running twenty minutes late to the show due to beautiful Sacramento reconstruction & traffic, I find myself once again wound up at Ace of Spades photographing CHON here in Sacramento, CA accompanied by JD Beck & Domi Keys. Entering the venue, I hear off beat drums, synth & piano mashed together and yes, it sounded bizarre live too. DJ Beck is a drummer and Domi Keys is a French pianist. She’s very electronic, truly French authentic with the genre she abides by while DJ Beck is a freelance, go with the flow drummer. They’re incredible musicians being able to vibe off one another but clash nonetheless. It works for some and for others, well, it’s just noise. As they play a low light set, they have the crowd jumping, swaying, and off tempo as they free jam. Finishing their set with a song called “Suck My Dick” the crowd embraced the song with open arms and of course chanted when told to do so. DJ Beck & Domi Keys: interesting. 

As the set changes and lights turn into a lucid dream, CHON enters the stage. Never photographing a set so lowly dimmed I panic. I didn’t bring the proper lens for this show, but I was too busy bobbing my head to the dream pop, psychedelic musicians in front of me. The pit had a lot of space which was being taken up by drunks, weed smokers, fans and some who took harder substances. I’ve always been a fan of CHON, they’re authentic, groovy as hell and was a good night to just chill and listen to the music. If you haven’t heard of CHON, do so now. If you’re a fan or have heard of them, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Overall, it was a great show with a very chill vibe.

JD Beck & Domi KeysCHON



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