Your Smith & X Ambassadors @ The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Canada

Review & photography by Mohamad Agha

On June 26th, X Ambassadors and Your Smith took over The Danforth Music Hall for their ORION tour stop in Toronto. The venue is a large hall with a stage in the far back. As I walked in I could feel the audience’s excitement for the show, and you were able to such a diverse group of fans, from all age groups waiting for what was sure to be a great concert.

To start off the night, sensational songstress Your Smith came out and wowed the crowd with her voice, and her ability to capture the crowd was absolutely amazing. She would wave her arms around and could keep the audience waiting for her next move, and they would cheer and scream. Her alternative-indie vibe was the perfect way to get a good night going.

The main act, none other than X Ambassadors, took the stage an hour after Your Smith. The stage was lit up in the colors of their recently released album ORION. To start off, they performed the song “HEY CHILD” from the album, with an energetic stage presence from the legendary frontman Sam Harris. Their next song threw it back to one of their most popular, “Jungle,” one of the most powerful and exciting performances followed. All throughout the night, you could feel the excitement and happiness of fans who were able to see one of their favorite bands. I definitely enjoyed seeing an old favorite and hearing some of my favorite songs after so long. It was a legendary night to witness.

Your Smith | X Ambassadors


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