Silverstein & August Burns Red @ Rebel in Toronto, Canada

Review & photography by Martha Segovia

July 2009 marked the release of August Burns Red’s third record Constellations. On Tuesday, June 25th, the band played for their loyal fanbase at Rebel. The night started on a high with Silent Planet and Silverstein opening where Ontario’s very own Silverstein ripped through a curated collection of their discography. Silverstein, in their own mark, are a band that never disappoints.

August Burns Red marks the 10th anniversary of Constellations with a summer tour visiting various North American cities. The band’s lead singer, Jake proclaimed Toronto as one of the band’s favorite cities to play in. The band stated shows in Toronto almost feeling like another hometown. The band kept the crowd on their toes through the front to back live rendition of Constellations. The album includes popular songs “White Washed,” & “Meddler” on its track listing. As the night concluded, the band ended with a medley on their encore including a drum solo and wrapping the night with “Composure.” See below for photos of Silverstein and August Burns Red from the show.

Silverstein | August Burns Red



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