Ra Ra Riot, Jimmy Eat World & Third Eye Blind @ Huntington Bank Pavilion in Chicago, IL

Review & photography by Jenna Whalen

On June 27th The Summer Gods Tour stopped in Chicago. With a stacked line up of Ra Ra Riot, Jimmy Eat World, And Third Eye Blind the night was expected to be unforgettable. About twenty minutes before Ra Ra Riot was supposed to take the stage everyone was requested to leave the venue due to weather concerns. Everyone was very confused because it was a sunny day in Chicago. But, unfortunately, a storm was on its way which ended up delaying the concert for over an hour and a half.

Luckily the storm passed and fans were let back into the venue around 9:00 pm. Since the weather delay set back the show two hours Ra Ra Riot was pulled from the lineup. Upsetting, to say the least, but fans were just very happy that show didn’t end up being canceled.

Jimmy Eat World turned the night around. Though they played a short set of only six songs they kept the crowd off their feet and singing along the whole time. They kept expressing that they were sorry for the delay but were more than happy that the show still went on.

By the time Third Eye Blind took the stage everyone finally made it back into the venue. Throughout the set, I witnessed so many smiling faces. With a shortened set they still managed to play many old hits and some new fan favorites as well. Just as curfew came around the band was expected to leave the stage. But, lead vocalist, Stephan Jenkins said they were going to continue playing till the venue turned the power off. An unforgettable night to say the least.

Ra Ra Riot | Jimmy Eat World | Third Eye Blind


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