Selfish Things, Broadside, Emarosa & Set It Off @ Elevation in Grand Rapids, MI

Review & photography by Abbie Krider

The band Set It Off was introduced to me my sophomore year of high school by a very good friend. She had made me listen to the playlist she made of their music, and I soon fell head over heels for the band. As someone who hasn’t been in “the scene” all of her life, they were a great introduction. While they are more on the scene said of music, they also relate with pop; especially with their latest album.

Arriving at the venue, the same friend who introduced me and I waited with other excited fans to enter the venue. It had started to rain in Grand Rapids, but the fans were unmoved in anticipation to get to that barricade. One fan who was from my hometown had driven two hours to meet with a friend to see their favorite band. They explained to me how they had found Set It Off in a very dark time in their life. The music in ways saved their lives.

The venue was a perfect size with tons of room for the inevitable mosh pit that would form, one of my favorite parts of these concerts. The first band up was Selfish Things an emerging band from Toronto. Their set was a sweet mix of their most popular songs and seemed to be received from the crowd very well. The next band up was Broadside who I had heard before and loved seeing. The lead singer  They were the band that got people to crowd surfing and moshing with their pop-punk sound. The final opener was Emarosa. This band was all high energy and really got the crowd excited for the main act.

When Set It Off came on stage, it had all started with a countdown that could be referenced to their newest single Hourglass. As Cody Carson, Maxx Danzinger, and Zach DeWall stepped out on stage the crowd went wild. The band played a great set of new and old favorites ending with Hourglass before an ecstatic drum solo. Put on by Carson, a mashup of new and old pop songs including Bad Guy by Billie Eilish and Blow by Kesha. The set ended only to fans screaming for an encore. The boys came back to end with a heartfelt performance of You Are Loved which Carson got sentimental about his fans and mental health. Everyone in the room shared a similar emotion to the beautiful tribute. Ending with fan favorite Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, the high energy finale left everyone feeling great. Carson came down to the crowd to greet fans, said goodbye, and left us with memories, emotions, and new friends.

Selfish Things | Broadside |Emarosa | Set It Off



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