Matt Costa & Matt Hartke: PHILADELPHIA, PA 2019

SiriusXM’s Coffee House Presents: Matt Costa and Matt Hartke @ World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA

Review & photography by Valerie McIntyre

Located in the University City section of Philadelphia, PA, World Cafe Live can be best described as cozy and go to places to enjoy a dinner, a drink, and live music. As a rainstorm passed the city, the atmosphere was far from chaotic like the weather outside. 

Singer/songwriter, Matt Hartke, took the stage as the night’s opener. With his lyrics, voice, and guitar, Hartke created a coffee house atmosphere. His soothing acoustic sound gives the feel of Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Song highlights of the evening by Hartke, “Gold” and “Sign Me Up”, which both give off a feel-good vibe. 

Matt Costa is a singer/songwriter from Huntington Beach, California. Costa is a modern version of Jackson Browne and man of instruments. Costa showcased he instrument talents with guitar, piano, and harmonica. Costa’s sound is in the mix with the likes of Jackson Browne and electric Bob Dylan. A song to prove this is “Sharon” and “Mr. Pitiful”, which Costa performed live and started a coffee house jam session. 


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