Ariana and the Rose is an American synth-pop band from New York, NY. She’s an artist who not only embraces an audio-visual approach to her creativity, but also writes, sings, and performs a coming of age story. Ariana and the Rose dropped the first phase of her two-part ‘Constellations’ EP (part 2 out in early 2020), cementing her deserved a place as one of pop music’s stars-on-the-rise. The four-track EP is a versatile taste of her critically acclaimed music catalog that has made the Brooklyn multi-hyphenate a nightlife staple in NYC and one of the most exciting new voices in the pop galaxy.

Ariana said, “These songs are a collection of moments inspired by what it means to feel empowered and independent inside of our relationships. I want the EP to take people on a journey through choosing yourself and what it looks like to come out the other side of that,” regarding her latest EP.

We had the honor to catch up with Ariana and The Rose at Vans Warped Tour’s 25th anniversary in Mountain View, California conducted by our Veracious Magazine’s staff member, Marisela Delgado. You can catch our interview with her below and stay tuned for photos of the festival coming up pretty soon to our site! Make sure to look at her website below for upcoming tour dates, music, and more as well!

Interview by Marisela Delgado of Veracious Magazine

What inspired you to do Light + Space?

Light + Space is the result of a lot of inspirations coming together at once. Part of the idea dame from the fact that I was looking for my own outlets to play the music that felt like more of the club scene from the late 70s/early 80s when that culture was about creating a home for people that felt rejected in “normal” mainstream culture. I was also seeing a lot of immersive performances at the time in both London and New York and was so inspired by how hungry audiences were to be challenged and pushed by their live entertainment. So the show was born out of wishing something like that existed in the music space but being unable to find it, so I made it myself! 

What was the goal for Light + Space? Do you feel you achieved it?

Mainly, the goal for Light + Space was to create a place to lose themselves in and feel completely included. The best part is seeing people dancing and introducing themselves to each other, covered in glitter, being so open. That’s the most gratifying piece, I made the show for people to step inside of and feel like they have somewhere to drop their day to day life at the door and just be wholly themselves for a few hours. It’s a lofty thing to try and make a show like that so when people come up to me and tell me they haven’t had a night like this in years or that they feel so accepted at our show, then I feel like we’re doing our job. 

Do you plan on doing more events such as Light + Space? Would it be the same or different?

Yep! We’ve recently done a smaller show at Club Cumming, Alan Cummings bar on the lower east side which has been a more intimate experience. I loved changing the show and adapting it to a smaller space, it really heightens the immersive feel. I’d love to explore doing a more shows like that alongside our bigger ones. 

If you were to do more events like Light + Space, who would be a must-have performance?

I would love to collaborate with Susanne Bartsch; she is a nightlife icon in New York. Being able to have a her involved with the show in any capacity would be amazing. I mean my dream of all dream performs would be Robyn. Mainly because she’s one of my biggest inspirations. What I love about the show is that we work with performers from all aspects of the nightlife community, voguers, drag performers, dancers, musicians, the event is really about a performance collective and hybrid of people’s self-expression

It was your first and final Warped Tour to perform at. How was your experience? How did it make you feel knowing it was the final festival?

It was so amazing! I was very nervous right before I went on and I don’t usually get nervous. We went after this big punk band, and the crowd was going crazy, and I was just standing side of the stage being like, oh my god, what if they hate us?! But it was so much fun, and the crowd was totally in it with us and very receptive. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. 

Did you meet anyone at Warped Tour like you’d like to tour with? 

We played before One Ok Rock, which is a Japanese Rock band who were insane! They were so good. I would LOVE to tour with them. 

Have you ever attended Warped Tour? If so, when and where?

It was my first Warped! I was honored to be one of the female-fronted bands on it. I actually was backstage at a Warped date a long time ago, I had friends in a few bands but didn’t attend the show, so it was really cool to get to be at this one, everything felt so nostalgic, it was cool to be apart of it. 

I’ve met a lot of performers who felt “out of place” because they didn’t fit the genre of Warped Tour. Did you feel the same? Or did you see it as something different?

We’re definitely a pop band, so I was nervous people wouldn’t get it or be like. “Why are these people here?” But it wasn’t like that at all. My drummer came up to me right before we played because I was so visibly nervous and said, “You have to just go out there and be 100 percent you. You can’t worry about what anyone thinks.” And I really relaxed after that. Because that’s really all, you can do. Go out and put on a great show and be yourself. Whoever loves it loves it and whoever doesn’t isn’t for you to worry about.

“Constellations Phase 1” is your current EP. What song was the most difficult to write? There are only four songs on the EP. Was it difficult cutting it down that short/which songs made the cut?

I wrote You Were Never My Boyfriend 4 different times. I wrote it in co-writing sessions with other people, I wrote it alone, I had a very clear vision for that song in my head. I had written it as a poem initially and then wanted to make sure the melody and vibe of the track did the sassiness of the lyrics justice. I love how it came out. I wrote way more than the 4 songs but wasn’t too precious about it, mainly because I knew there was going to be a phase 2! 

Which song off the EP do you resonate more? I feel like a lot of listeners relate to “You Were Never My Boyfriend.” 

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from True Love. That song seems to be resonating with a lot of people which is cool to see. I just care that the music reaches people, it doesn’t matter to me which one connects first or more, as long as it’s connecting. Everyone will take the songs differently, and I love that.

Do you plan on doing a tour/pop-up shop to promote “Constellations Phase 1?” What inspired the name for the new EP?

We just did a small tour to promote it! We played School Night in LA last Monday. We’ll definitely be doing more shows as I put more new music out. A Constellation is a group of small burning starts that make up a larger picture. That’s what these songs felt like. A sum of many parts coming together to make something completely different. I love astrology and space and wonderment and optimism that comes with the unknown, this music is a reflection of that. 



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