Lawrence, Marc E. Bassy, & Jon Bellion @ Meadow Brook Amphitheatre in Rochester Hills, MI

Review & photography by Rebekah Witt

On July 30th, Jon Bellion brought his Glory Sound Prep Tour to Meadow Brook Amphitheatre. This tour was highly anticipated in the wake of his most recent album Glory Sound Prep, released in November of last year. Doors had been pushed back an hour due to a water main break, but that didn’t ruin the mood of the long lines of fans waiting for the concert. The large amphitheater was quickly filled with people, as the show was nearly sold out.

The first performance of the night was New York City based band Lawrence. Lawrence is the first band Bellion signed to his brand new record label, Beautiful Mind Records. The band, first founded by siblings Gracie & Clyde Lawrence, is now an eight-piece group, complete with trumpet players, saxophone players, and more. Gracie explained that her brother couldn’t be at the show today, because he was back in New York writing the entire soundtrack to an upcoming movie. Throughout the set, Gracie displayed her powerful voice through long runs and notes. Their setlist was made up of songs from albums Living Room and Breakfast, including “Shot,” “Alibi,” “Make A Move,” and “More.” 

San Francisco based singer/songwriter Marc E. Bassy took the stage shortly after Lawrence, to the excitement of many fans in the crowd. He played a few songs off his 2018 EP Postmodern Depression; “Love Her Too,” “Supply,” and “Simma.” Fans across the venue were seen dancing enthusiastically during his whole set. Marc also played a cover of G-Eazy’s “Some Kind of Drug,” and then ended his set with his own latest single, “Die Hard.”

Just after 9 o’clock, the stage lights went dark and Bellion’s touring band walked out. The instrumental to song “JT” was heard as Jon Bellion ran out on stage and bursted into the performance. From his first step into the spotlight that night, he was moving, dancing, and getting the crowd hyped up. For his live shows, Bellion remixes his songs just enough to make it interesting, but not too much to where fans can’t stay on rhythm and sing along. A prominent example of this was “Guillotine,” off his 2016 album The Human Condition. At this point in the set, Bellion explained to the crowd that every night of this tour, he was producing a brand new remix of the song on the spot. He then sang a melody for each member of his touring band to play, and they brought it all together into one incredible ad-lib style remake. That alone was enough to prove what a talented music producer and writer Bellion is, but he wasn’t done yet. 

Jon Bellions’s setlist consisted mainly of songs from Glory Sound Prep, including “Couples Retreat,” “Blu,” “Conversations with my Wife,” and “Cautionary Tales.” At the end of “The Internet,” he took the time to highlight the skills of each member of the band behind him, and had them each do their own solo. For fans of his older music, he also played songs from The Human Condition: “All Time Low,” “Overwhelming,” and “Woke the F*ck Up.” In addition to the incredible performance, Bellion thrilled the audience with the announcement that he would be turning the world of Glory Sound Prep into an animated series. He ended his set with his latest release and collaboration with DJ Illenium, “Good Things Fall Apart,” and the deafening sound of everyone singing along echoed through the amphitheater.

The Glory Sound Prep Tour will continue across the world into November, and you can see all the dates here. Check out each of the artists via their websites below!

Lawrence | Marc E. Bassy | Jon Bellion

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