Rich People, Bearings, Belmont & Grayscale: Asbury Park, NJ 2019

Rich People, Bearings, Belmont & Grayscale @ House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ

Review & Photography by Kristen Zarra

On September 3, 2019, Philadelphia’s Grayscale started off their first US headlining tour at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ.  Joining them on their Nella Vita tour are the guys in Rich People, Bearings and Belmont.  Being this was the first date on the tour, and close to their hometown, it was highly anticipated by the fans, all eager to hear some of the new songs off the newly released Nella VitaNella Vita had an official release date of September 6, 2019 but many lucky fans that attended their pop up shops could purchase their latest album early.

South Jersey locals, Rich People, kicked off the night with a creative expression of alternative rock that you can’t help being drawn into.  Although their set was short, they left the crowd wanting more.  Bearings and Belmont were both ready to get people moving.  Everyone opened the pit and did not drop their energy during their performances.  As Belmont closed out their set, everyone cheered and anticipated the moment that Grayscale took the stage.

As soon as the lights dimmed, fans cheered excited to hear what Grayscale had planned.  The guys opened with In Violet a single they had released a few months prior, followed by their latest release Baby Blue.  The crowd sang along, danced, and fully enjoyed themselves, and I found myself doing the same while capturing the night!  There was no doubt that everyone in the venue could feel the adrenaline rushing throughout the crowd.  Mum, a fan favorite, was all everyone needed to go absolutely wild.  The pit opened, people pushed forward screaming the lyrics along with vocalist Collin Walsh.  Many began to crowd surf onto the stage and stage dive back out.  It was clear that everyone who came to see Grayscale has so much love for these songs, and appreciation for the band.

It’s easy to see that Grayscale loves performing their music and seeing it connect with people.  They ended the night with three favorites, Beautiful Things, Fever Dream and Atlantic. Nella Vita explores a dynamic range of emotions throughout the lyrics of the songs, pairing upbeat rhythms with somber lyrics.  These songs will hit you right in your emotions, making you explore love, loss, happiness, and grief, which is all a part of life, and very fitting for an album with a title that translates to ‘In Life’ in English.  With Nella Vita, and this tour, it starts a new era for Grayscale, one that I feel fans with can relate to in many ways.  Grayscale is a must-see band, catch them on their Nella Vita tour in a city near you!

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