KOAN Sound @ Electric Ballroom, London, UK

Review & Photography by Liv Rook

On the 7th of September the electronic Bristolian duo KOAN Sound returned to London to play the Electric Ballroom. By 19:30 the entire room was filled with eager fans and plenty of which were wearing KOAN Sound merchandise.

Having released a recent EP, ‘Intervals Above’, and a new remix of ‘Meanwhile, In The Future’, the duo had plenty of new material to interest their fans. As a photographer who specialises in music photography, I can honestly say I’ve never seen fans be this dedicated to electronic music. During the interval between the support act, Haywyre, and KOAN Sound’s set I decided to interview a fan:

: “I see you’re wearing KOAN Sound merch. Why do you like their music so much?”

Interviewee: “Yeah, they have to be one of my favourite artists. I think I like them due to the colour they connect with their music. You see it often in the electronic genre, but I think their visuals match their sound so well which is incredibly satisfying. If we’re getting personal, then I’ll say they’ve helped with my depression a lot over the past year. Their music definitely helps me to escape.”

I understood then what the fan meant when he described the visuals and music. When you have just a laptop and keyboard set up on stage, you must feel the pressure to put on a show and KOAN Sound did not disappoint. It’s clear these musicians think carefully about their stage presence in terms of coloured visuals and music- there was definitely an energetic atmosphere that night.

If you want to escape reality for a night, go and see them in concert.

KOAN Sound continue their tour up until mid-November. If you’re interested in seeing one of their shows then click this link here: http://inparalleltour.com/?fbclid=IwAR1lmofH0bjtHHv6FeqSNTvMYWjH8Ki799LS1JCYQXk5Xv26jFC19Amnmb0

Follow KOAN Sound via Instagram here: https://instagram.com/koansound

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