Joywave and Bastille at The Met in Philadelphia, PA 

Review & Photography by Emma Silverstone 

Bastille kicked off their Doom Days tour in Philadelphia at The Met on September 16, 2019. Walking into the venue, fans were clad in t-shirts from the band’s past tours. The theater was packed with people excited to hear the band’s new music live. 

To start the night, the members of Joywave walked onstage in matching neon shirts, track pants, and glittery shoes. They welcomed old fans and new, playing songs the former would remember as well as their biggest singles that newer fans would recognize. Their set included hits like “Somebody New” and “It’s A Trip!” and new singles “Like A Kennedy” and “Obsession.” They thanked everyone for getting to the venue early to see them perform. Those who arrived after their set missed out on a great selection of songs. 

When the lights went dark, a screen lit up with the image of a window looking out onto a nighttime city skyline; the curtains were drawn, and the overall feel was that of being in someone’s living room and not in a large concert hall. The large screen that was placed at the back of the stage flashed with lyrics from “Quarter Past Midnight” as lead singer Dan Smith sat next to a static-filled television. The screen was a great piece that complemented each of the songs, with different visuals meant to emphasize the song that was performed. It was also a great way for the band to incorporate the visuals from previous album cycles, like the music video for “Fake It” from their second album. 

There was no doubting the fact that the band is happy to be touring here again. Throughout the show, all of the band members looked out on the crowd in awe. Smith was full of energy, running around the stage and jumping from a platform. As with every Bastille show, he walked out into the audience during “Flaws” and got up-close and personal with the fans in the crowd. He made his way to the back of the room, jumping up and down with the audience in the middle of the floor, before slowly heading back to the stage. It’s a moment that every Bastille fan knows will happen at a show, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. 

The set included many songs from the latest release, as well as the previous two albums. The band also brought back “Laura Palmer,” a song from their debut album that was enthusiastically welcomed by the audience. The encore, Bastille’s popular “Pompeii,” was introduced by drummer Chris Wood asking the crowd to assist in singing, as Smith had begun to lose his voice. The audience was happy to oblige, and the final song of the night was full of enthusiastic fans jumping up and down to the rhythm of the music. 

Don’t miss the chance to see Bastille and Joywave as they bring their music across North America. Check out their websites below to see the dates and purchase tickets.

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