Photography and Concert review by Liv Rook

After Kyle Dion’s latest album release, ‘SUGA’, he took off for tour around North America and three separate shows in Europe. Three years between his two albums, fans were expecting big things- and big things they got indeed.

It’s safe to say I’ve never photographed anyone like Kyle before. The amount of energy he put in front of my lens was unreal and I was excited throughout his entire performance. It means a lot, as a photographer, when a musician is more than their music and literally performs for you. Songs transitioned between each other, leaving no time to break from dancing- there was lots and lots of dancing.

One thing that I really appreciated from the room in OMEARA was the mix of people. I’ve never been to a concert with such a diverse and positive fan base. On that night, I was taught about Nigerian culture, spoke to someone from LA and was genuinely appreciated as a photographer (something I don’t experience at many concerts.) A fan base often reflects an artist, meaning Kyle Dion has set himself up for some amazing and well deserved. PR.

The concert was energetic and full of fun and I didn’t want to leave. If someone in that room had a bad day at work, broke up with a partner, got food all over a new expensive outfit I can guarantee any ill feeling was left behind the box office. I’d recommend his next live tour if you want to escape from reality.

If you’re enjoying ‘SUGA’, I can assure you Kyle’s voice is even better live. London was the last date in his 2019 tour, however you can keep an eye on his future tours through this link here: .

I’d also recommend following Kyle’s social medias, such as Instagram:

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