Now, Now & Maggie Rogers: Kansas City, MO 2019

Now, Now and Maggie Rogers @ Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland in Kansas City, MO

Review & photography by Tori Rose

Kansas City had been anticipating this show since it was first announced. The Midland was packed full, from the ground to the chandelier balcony. Finally, the lights went down, and everyone got quiet. Now, Now entered the stage, and the house roared with applause and woos. The lead singer, KC Dalager, has a chill yet compelling energy that lights up the room. Her bright neon orange hair mesmerizes you, as she dances across the stage. Their indie rock vibe had everyone dancing and bopping their heads. Even if you had never heard of them before, you left the show that night as a fan.

When Maggie Rogers’ silhouette appeared on the white curtain that had been hiding the stage, the crowd went ballistic. Her heavenly voice echoed through the crowded room, and rattled the chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. The white curtain dropped, and so did the beat. The fans could not wait to hear her debut album, that was released earlier this year, live; and boy did they show it. Shouting every single word from the top of their lungs, the crowd was in a trance the entire show. Maggie’s whimsical spirit fills the room, you could not take your eyes off of her and her white cape flowing and dancing across the stage. So much love was received from both her, and the crowd.

If you ever have a chance to see either Now, Now or Maggie Rogers, I’ll just give you a little tip.. GO


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