Sam Tsui: Blacksburg, VA 2019

Sam Tsui @ The Moss Arts Center in Blacksburg, VA

Review and Photography by Lexi Schnell

Sam Tsui, an internet singing sensation, made his way to The Moss Arts Center on Virginia Tech’s campus on Saturday to perform for the Moss Arts Center Student Amabassador’s Choice Event. He got his start making videos on Youtube during college at Yale University and now has over 500 million views on his channel. Since starting music he has had the opportunity to tour the world and open for artists such as Ariana Grande and DNCE. Last year he released an album entitled Trust, which he is now going on tour to perform.

Fans were lined up early and while everyone took their seats smiles could be seen throughout the crowd; a fan next to me was telling her friend how Tsui was the reason she kept singing. Sam Tsui opened his set with his original “Impatience” and immediately fans were out of their seats and dancing along. From the moment he took the stage he was interacting with the crowd and even waved to the little girl in the front row periodically. 

During his set he performed several different mashups, one of Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” and Meghan Trainor’s “Lips are Moving”, and one of every song that was a Billboard number one hit on his birthday since he was born. Both of these mashups were guaranteed sing alongs and got the crowd up and moving. In the middle of the show everyone on stage had a slight wardrobe change, they all added a gold jacket to their ensemble. Tsui announced the next song was called “Gold Jacket”, a song they just released a couple weeks ago. He explained the song was a metaphor about finding self confidence in a social media world, and that we all have our own version of a gold jacket. 

Throughout the entire show his voice was immaculate, making it look effortless. Towards the end of the show his husband, Casey Breves, came on stage and sang a duet with Tsui. The two met in their college A Capella group and their performance was a very touching moment of the show. The show ended with a performance of his song “Just for Tonight”, and Tsui made sure to thank everyone involved with the show. The entire band even hung out after the show to meet fans, making the night even more special for everyone there. 

Sam Tsui is going on tour in Asia in about a month but in the meantime make sure to check out his latest single “Gold Jacket” and lookout for shows coming near you in the future, you don’t want to miss his show!


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