Missio & YUNGBLUD: Kansas City, MO 2019

Missio & YUNGBLUD @ The Truman in Kansas City, MO

Review & photography by Tori Rose

People had been waiting in the blistering sun since 5:00 in the morning, to see the artist known as YUNGBLUD. When the doors finally opened that night, fans sped-walked into the venue to try and snag a spot as close to the stage as possible. The opening band, Missio, came out and the crowd roared. Lead singer Matthew Brue, talked about the meaning of their songs, which made the people in the room feel connected to the lyrics. Their pop rock sound had everyone on their feet, and pumped up for what was coming next.

Lights went down, fog rolled in, and suspense filled the room. A few minutes went by, and the crowd was still dead silent. Finally, two people in hot pink ski masks, holding giant flags, walked slowly onto the stage, set the flags up, and left. Guitarist Adam Warrington, and drummer Michael Rennie, entered the stage, and the room went absolutely crazy. The silhouette of Dominic Harrison, aka YUNGBLUD, appeared; and the audience screamed so loud, my hearing went in and out. When the lights flickered on, Dom had the biggest smile you had ever seen, shining across his face. You could feel the love radiating off of him, and he hadn’t even started performing yet. He told the crowd how much he loved them every chance he got. So much love was in the room, that Dom brought a couple on stage, and they got engaged right then and there. Two hours packed full of singing, dancing, jumping, and smiling. Voices were lost and hearing was no longer a sense you possessed.

British-pop-punk-rock is the shortest way to describe his sound, because he basically made up his own genre. That is why people are so infatuated with him, because he does not care what other people think, he is just himself. YUNGBLUD’s message is that everyone should be allowed to be whoever they want to be, whenever they want, however they want. And his encore finale song, “Hope For The Underrated Youth” was the perfect anthem for that. Leaving the show, you felt like you had became part of a truly special family, and wished the night had never ended.

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