Altın Gün and Tame Impala @ White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX

Review & Photography by Vanessa Umanzor

Tame Impala brought a visually stunning concert to the White Oak Music Hall on October 5th. Despite a sold-out show that could have easily been held at a larger venue, the more intimate setting allowed the band to focus on doing what they do best – tearing through songs off three studio albums.

Launching into the show, Altın Gün, from the Netherlands was tapped as the opening act, which proved to be an excellent decision, as they wowed the crowd with their strong vocals and enchanting instrumentals. It was refreshing to see that Altın Gün had decided not to opt for a flashy stage show or an elaborate lighting scheme despite the availability in order to stay true. They let their music speak for themselves. Their sound and look were simple but profound.

The Kevin Parker fronted outfit hit the stage with an impressively flashy setup, which included a massive LED screen behind the band which alternated between images and videos. The crowd was a fascinating mix of different characters. Young couples, parents with their teenage kids and weed smoking partiers eager with their glow in the dark and light up paraphernalia. You name it; they were all there.

Tame Impala started the evening with their catchy “Let it Happen”. The crowd was up and dancing as the show progressed. Parker made sure the party continued as he in his own words “kicked it up a notch”. Their versatility became more apparent as they easily switched the vibe from instrumental “Nangs” to the heavier “Elephant.” Versatility wasn’t the only apparent thing but a very endearing gentleness as well as he told the crowd to “sing along if you know the words… if you want to”, as he jumped into “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

Folks who headed out at the end of “The Less I Know the Better” (mistakenly thinking that the show was over), ended up missing out on the band reprising of “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”. The heavy intro was followed by a tender tune that upstaged many of the other songs in the set with its seething, raw tone. The crowd drifted away hugged and kissed out, content; glowing with hits reverberating in their ears.

Altın Gün | Tame Impala

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