Review and photography by Liv Rook

Bess Atwell, OMEARA, London, UK, 11/10/19

Bess Atwell is continuing her UK tour until the 19th of October- covering different points including London, Brighton and Oxford. However, she’ll also be performing later this month in Amsterdam; appearing at London Calling Festival. She’s taking stages by storm with her 4-man band and awing her audience with her harmonic, folk sound.

I usually write about how going to concerts is often people’s only way of escaping from their harsh realities. I’ll write this again but when I say this about Bess, I mean a literal escape. One moment in the crowd I found myself closing my eyes. Her voice is that soothing that it probably could’ve sent me to sleep there and then. When you hear her voice, you can’t help but focus on it- a magical talent she has. The Guardian has described Bess as: “A gifted singer-songwriter with a voice like slow, cool water.” I agree, her voice is exactly like slow, cool water. Hypnotic, slow, cool water.

Keep an eye on Bess because I can guarantee massive things are coming her way. This time next year her talent will have tripled and the same goes for her crowds. You get a certain feeling when you hear a special voice and Bess evoked that feeling, for me, in Omeara.

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