Review and Photography by Liv Rook

The Academic sold out their Scala show on Wednesday night after an incredible performance at Neighbourhood Festival. They clearly brought the Manc-festival attitude with them to London as they packed their set with back to back songs.

I have never been to such an energetic concert in my life. I could feel the floor moving up and down as the crowd went wild for each song. There were several mosh pits and pints flying across the room and you could tell that the audience were loving every moment. It reminded me of my first festival experience: lively, incredibly fun and new.

I don’t really know how to describe the feeling I felt when I left Scala that night, other than that I left feeling refreshed. I felt that everyone in the room was there simply to have a great time and to meet people with the same music taste.

On multiple occasions that night, I heard female fans speak about their favourite band member and I felt excited for them when the band came on stage. The Academic clearly have a strong fanbase, which I don’t doubt will grow double in size in a few months’ time.

Great music, great atmosphere, great people- what’s not to love?

Quick: listen to their music now and jump on the craze before they get massive!

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