Those Who Dream, Stateside and With Confidence – YMCA HQ, Perth Western Australia

Those Who Dream, Stateside and With Confidence @ YMCA HQ, Perth, Western Australia

This all-ages show at the YMCA HQ marked With Confidence’s final date on their Australian tour. While the crowd was relatively small compared to that of the bands last all ages show in Perth, the hundred or so fans waiting outside were still just as passionate and ready for the show to commence.

This smaller audience created a more intimate atmosphere around the HQ. Most of the musicians on the line-up were causally walking around the venue in-between sets and several members of With Confidence even took the opportunity to practice skateboarding in the court yard to the side of the venue.

The local boys Those Who Dream opened the night to great applause. While local support acts often get a bad rap, Those Who Dream knew how to motivate the crowd to a degree that most heavily touring acts struggle to do. The group don’t just perform with high energy, they also have an infectious enthusiasm. The set consistent of a range of songs of their latest EP “Life in Cyan” and a few unreleased tracks including one coming out this Tuesday! This band have the power and talent to be performing right across Australia and maybe even the world, so hopefully in the future Perth’s favourite duo will be getting the attention they deserve.

Tonight, was also the first time that Brisbane four piece Stateside had performed an all-ages show in Perth. They had previously played an 18+ show with Pop Punk heavyweights Neck Deep, so while the young crowd were conducive to the overall performance it seemed that fewer people than I was expecting were familiar with the group’s music. A personal highlight of the set was when the group performed Neon, which arguably features the biggest bridge of any song they have released. Despite the fact not everyone was familiar with the band, I genuinely loved the performance. Particularly towards the end (where they had won over most of the crowd) I had to remind myself they weren’t the headliners.

With Confidence are a well-oiled machine when it comes to touring and performing so to be fair, there was pretty much no chance of the audience going home disappointed. That being said, I was curious to see how Perth fans would react to the new music from their latest album Loving and Loathing. I personally didn’t connect with the newer music as much as their first album but with the setlist containing a decent mix of old and new songs even the post picky of fans would have been satisfied.

With a more intimate crowd than usual, the “moshing” that often takes place at a With Confidence gig was toned down with fans taking the opportunity to use the extra space in the HQ to dance their way through the show. During one of the newer songs “Spinning” front man Jayden Seeley even encouraged the crowd to do some ballroom dancing. Much of the newer material also feature a greater amount of singing from guitarist Indigo Carmen. This helped to give more depth to the show as Jayden and Indigo’s shared vocals made the songs sound bigger.

Towards the end of the show, the momentum was slowed down for a moment with the performance of an acoustic song, Paquerette. A number of technical difficulties meant the transition was not as smooth as the group had planned, however I’m sure fans were not that concerned. After the first verse of “Paquerette”, Stateside front women Erin Reus took to stage to assist as a guest vocalist. This on-stage collaboration was well received by the crowd.

The group finished off the show with a few more high energy songs, including one of my favourites “Icarus”. Despite the unusually small turnout (which may have something to do with a large music festival was taking place on the other side of the city) With Confidence did a great job at entertaining their audience for a little over an hour. At the end of the day If you like With Confidence, you’ll love their live shows. 

Their heading out on a US headline tour extremely soon so if they are coming to a city near you, I’d highly recommend checking them out.

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