Sure Sure & Half Alive at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI

Review and photography by Rebekah Witt

On October 9th, California based indie pop band Half Alive brought their Now, Not Yet World Tour to Detroit, Michigan. The tour is in support of their debut album Now, Not Yet, released in early August, and features dates across America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. 

For this date and the rest of the American leg, Half Alive had fellow California pop band Sure Sure to open the show. With Half Alive’s setup already arranged on stage, Sure Sure were left with only a small amount of space at the front of the stage, but they still took what they had and killed it. Something particularly impressive was guitarist Charlie Glick, who had about 3 square feet of space to move in, but bounced around and got the crowd involved anyway. They played songs off their latest album What’s It Like including “Good Things,” “What’s It Like,” and “Warm Animal.”

As the lights dimmed just before Half Alive walked on stage, fans screamed and looked on to see the members of the band appear on stage. Slowly, the band walked out and began a slow, stripped rendition of “ok ok?,” the opening track on Now, Not Yet. Members Josh Taylor, J Tyler Johnson, and Brett Kramar dramatically stood at the front of the stage during the performance. Their two dancers, Jordan Johnson and Aidan Carberry, gravitated around them, shining spotlights and creating interesting visuals to set the mood of the night. Throughout their set, Taylor bounced between singing, playing guitar, playing piano, and dancing with the dancers. Johnson and Carberry make up the JA Collective, and Half Alive have integrated their choreography heavily into their music videos and live shows. They joined the band on stage for a few songs, such as “RUNAWAY” and “breakfast.” Behind the band was a large screen that Taylor and the JA Collective interacted with in tune to the music to make the show that much more extraordinary. Half Alive had impressive production put into their live show, and the only thing that would’ve made it perfect was if they had a bigger stage to work with. There’s no doubt that they will continue to put on amazing live performances for their fans, and it’s exciting to imagine what they will be able to pull off once they’re able to be on a stage they can thrive on. 

Following the release of Now, Not Yet, Half Alive played all the songs from the album, including highlights “Maybe,” “Rest,” and “ice cold.” They also performed older songs “The Fall,” and “Aawake At Night” off their 2017 EP 3. During the last half of their set, they played a strong performance of their hit song “still feel.” as the crowd screamed along. The band closed their set with the dramatic “creature,” the closing track on Now, Not Yet

With their creativity in music and live shows, Half Alive have an exciting future ahead of them and much to present to the world. The American and Australian legs of the Now, Not Yet World Tour are complete, but they are currently embarking on the European leg. Find dates and buy tickets here. And make sure to listen to Now, Not Yet here!


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