We the Kings, State Champs and Simple Plan: Sayreville, NJ 2019

We the Kings, State Champs and Simple Plan at Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ 2019

Review and Photos By Kristen Zarra

On November 4th, the ‘Where I Belong’ tour made a stop at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ.  This line up is packed with nostalgia for the long time punk rockers.  Between Simple Plan and We the Kings, it was no doubt fans would enjoy their night.  State Champs never disappoints to bring their A-game to the stage and engage the crowd in an energy packed set.  Fans packed out this sold out show early, eager to see what the night had in store for them.

Northbound, a band from Florida, opened the show, and set the mood of the night.  After their set the crowd anxiously waited for We the Kings to take the stage.  We the Kings have been known to be a fun, energetic band to see live, and this night was no different.  They joke with each other, as well as the fans, and Travis even had then ENTIRE crowd dance for his daughter.  It was such a sweet moment that everyone participated in.  During a new song, they encouraged the crowd to go “as wild as the can” to be featured in their new music video, which resulted in a massive amount of crowd surfing and dancing.  Keeping with tradition, they closed out their set with the fan favorite ‘Check Yes Juliet’.

While waiting for State Champs to come on, I began talking to one girl about how excited she was to finally see her favorite band.  The way she spoke about them and their music, and that shows how special music is, it truly has a huge impact on people’s lives and that’s something so special to experience.  State Champs opened with ‘Mine is Gold’ off their latest album ‘Living Proof’.  I’ve been lucky to see them perform multiple times and they are always such a fun band to watch.  From the energy and happiness they bring to the stage, to the fans in the crowd moshing and going wild, it’s an experience that brings everyone together.

Closing out the night was Simple Plan, a band who have had success in the punk music scene since ’99.  I remember listening to them and screaming their lyrics with my friends in middle school and high school.  To be able to still see them now as an adult is amazing.  Simple Plan played a variety of new and old songs, having a nice balance to their set list.  At one point Pierre ran around to the back of the crowd to sing part of a song with everyone right by his side. He also brought out Derek of State Champs and Travis of We the Kings to share the stage with them for the song “Where I Belong”.   They closed out the night with an encore of ‘I’m Just a Kid’, ‘Shut Up’ and ‘Perfect’.  You can catch these bands at a date near you! Tour dates can be found here.

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