Grayscale and Mayday Parade: Sayreville, NJ 2019

Photos & Review by Kristen Zarra

To celebrate ‘Anywhere But Here’ turning ten years old, Mayday Parade decided to have a handful of shows to play the album in its entirety.  Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ was one of the lucky venues to be on the list.  Fans lined up early to get into this sold-out night, extending the line all the way around the parking lot-the longest line I have ever seen at that venue for the door time. It wasn’t long until the venue was packed full of people ready to relive a favorite album.

Grayscale opened the night with the high energy they are known for.  They played ‘Baby Blue’, and ‘Painkiller Weather’, both singles from their new album ‘Nella Vita’.  Everyone danced, and sang along and enjoyed the music while the guys encouraged them, having just as good of a time on stage.  Once ‘Mum’ started playing that’s when the crowd really went wild.  ‘Mum’ is the song that makes everyone want to open a pit up and crowd surf as much as possible, and this night was no different.  Grayscale closed their set with one of my favorite songs of theirs, ‘Fever Dream’.  It starts off calm, but when the chorus hits, it’s a whole different vibe.  It becomes a heavy hitting song with the guitar riff and drums and never fails to amp the crowd up one last time before heading off stage.

Everyone was impatiently waiting for Mayday Parade to start playing.  They came on stage ready for a night of celebration of songs that fans have listened to through good and bad times, for ten years.  Being a fan of them myself, it was amazing to see how people still come together to sing along to something that came out when majority of the crowd was still in high school.  It shows how much of an impact music can hold in people’s lives, and that’s something special.  Aside from playing through ‘Anywhere But Here’ Mayday Parade surprised everyone and covered My Chemical Romance’s ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise) and in light of the recently announced reunion, the crowd screamed the lyrics back enjoying every minute of it.  Mayday also chose to play some all-time fan favorites including ‘Jamie All Over’ and closed the show out with ‘Jersey’, very fitting for the New Jersey date.  They are also making a few more stops for this special celebration, and you can find information for that here.

Grayscale | Mayday Parade

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