Can’t Swim, Beartooth, I Prevail & A Day to Remember, Trenton, NJ 2019

Photos & Review by Kristen Zarra

On November 10th, the Cure Insurance Arena became home for A Day to Remember’s Degenerates tour. Aside from A Day to Remember, this tour line up is packed with some heavy hitters such as, Can’t Swim, Beartooth, and I Prevail.  Each one of these bands bring their own style to music and stage presence, keeping the crowd energized and fun.  ADTR is known for their shows being wild, and a great time and this night proved just that.

Can’t Swim started off the night, bringing a few new songs to the stage.  They were playing in their home state of New Jersey, and that made their set even better.  Up next was Beartooth, who kept the crowd going.  They played songs such as ‘Aggressive’, ‘Disease’, and closed out with ‘In Between’.  ‘Disease’ made the crown turn it up a notch right before their set ended.  Everyone began to crowd the arena floor while waiting for I Prevail to come on.  These guys are full of energy, finding every way to connect with the people in the crowd.  I Prevail opened with ‘Bow Down’ a song that’s sure to get people amped up.  They closed out their set with ‘Come and Get It’, where the crowd went wild one last time for them.

Once the stage started being prepped for A Day to Remember, the white curtain went up to hype anticipation within the crowd.  Once fans saw the shadows behind the curtain the cheers did not stop.  A Day to Remember kicked off their set with ‘The Downfall of Us All’, which is a fan favorite.  It did not take long for crowd surfers to begin to come over the barricade, singing the lyrics back to Jeremy as they ran off back into the pit.  These guys have been playing music and connecting with people through for so many years, that their songs hold so much weight for fans.  ADTR kept the tradition of encouraging a crowd surfer on top of a crowd surfer during one song, and despite many people not making it to the barricade, it doesn’t stop everyone from laughing and trying anyway.  They ended their night with what I feel is a top three song for them, ‘The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle’.  This song never ceases to have the crowd open a mosh pit, sing, jump and dance around and just enjoy themselves.  The Degenerates Tour has some more stops to make, you can find more information here.

Can’t Swim | Beartooth | I Prevail | A Day to Remember

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