Slow Hollows & The Neighbourhood: Kansas City, MO 2019

Slow Hollows & The Neighbourhood @ Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland in Kansas City, MO

Review & photography by Tori Rose

Slow Hollows had great chemistry with the crowd. Not many artists actually stop and talk to their audiences, or make them laugh – especially if they are an opening act. Their chill vibes and tunes had everyone in the room swaying. The Los Angeles based indie group put on a great performance, and had the room relaxed and ready for the main act.

The red curtains closed, which doesn’t happen very often at this particular venue. So, the fans went wild with curiosity when they saw the velvet drapes shut. Finally the lead singer of the band, Jesse Rutherford, stepped out in front of the curtains, holding a guitar. He was dressed head to toe in silver chrome. What wasn’t covered by the shiny body suit, was painted.. so yeah, literally head to toe. Strumming his guitar, Chip Chrome (Jesse’s silver alter ego) sang a sweet, slow paced song. Then, the curtains flew open, and the rest of The Neighbourhood was already jamming. Never looking away from the crowd, Jesse leaps and spins across the stage while singing. After a few songs, Jesse left the stage, and came back a few minutes later. Now sporting a chrome suit, he had also washed the silver paint off of his face and out of his hair.

The Neighbourhood’s alternative rock-y feel, had the crowd dancing and singing all night. Even though the show started out with Jesse thinking he was in St. Louis, you could not have asked for a better performance.


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