Dead Posey & Theory of a Deadman @ Electric Ballroom in London, UK

Review & photography by Marisela Morales

On 23rd of November I had a chance to cover the show of Theory of a Deadman, a band I’ve liked since mid 2000’s. Personally my taste in music has changed with time but I was still very excited to see one of my favourite bands from teenage years.

The only support act that night was Dead Posey, a fairly new band from Los Angeles. The vocalist came out with a great energy and started their set strong. The first track played was ‘Head of the snake‘ and followed by ‘Boogeyman‘. From the crowd’s reaction I could tell they liked them immediately. Another great thing about the vocalist was her enthusiasm, she was jumping and moving around the whole stage throughout their set. Dead Posey ended with ‘Don’t stop the devil‘ that got everybody moving and singing. The first impression of the band was very positive and I see a bright future for them.

After quite a long break there was time for the headliner – Theory of a Deadman!

Theory of a Deadman is a Canadian rock band formed in 2001. Their new 7th record – ‘Say Nothing‘ – will be coming out in January 20. The tracks from this record that were released so far bring up topics such as domestic violence and effect of politics on the society.

When the lights dimmed, Theory started their set with ‘Lowlife‘. I truly enjoyed tracks that are more on the rock side such as ‘I hate my life‘ that got the whole venue singing and clapping along but I could also appreciate the ambience of songs that are more on the country side. The crowd seemed to enjoy the diversity presented by the band and it didn’t matter for them whether the songs were played on a piano or a guitar.

Around 10pm it was time to end the nostalgic evening. The last song played was ‘Bad girlfriend‘ that every fan knew and sang as loud as possible, which couldn’t be a better way to end the show.

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Dead Posey  & Theory of a Deadman


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