Twin XL & The Maine @ The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI

Review & photography by Rebekah Witt

On November 13th, The Maine brought their highly anticipated The Mirror tour to Pontiac, Michigan. The tour, following their release of album You Are OK, featured Twin XL as their special guest. Twin XL hit the stage just after 8 o’clock, opening with the lively “Sunglasses.” They enthusiastically played all the songs off their EP How To Talk To Strangers, released this past March, but it was easy to see how much more excited they were to be playing new music. Not only did the band play their latest single “Messy,” much to the excitement of fans in the room, but they also played unreleased song “Melt.” Twin XL closed their set with fan favorite “Good” and the audience bopped along.

It was 9 o’clock, and anticipation was high as the crowd waited for The Maine to walk on stage. The lights dimmed and a stopwatch appeared on the stage, counting down a minute from the start of the performance. Fans eagerly counted down to the end, and a video appeared on the screen, with interesting visuals and words from lead singer John O’Callaghan explaining the idea behind ‘The Mirror.’ The band stepped on stage and jumped into “Slip the Noose,” the opening track on the You Are OK. While their set was heavy with songs from their last two full-lengths (“My Best Habit,” “Bad Behavior,” “Heaven, Were Already Here”), The Maine are skilled in choosing a good mix of old and new songs to perform live. Older songs they performed in the set included “Like We Did (Windows Down)” “Fucked Up Kids” and “I Must Be Dreaming.”

Fans of The Maine are extremely passionate about the band, intent on never letting the energy die down. There was never a lack of anyone screaming along to O’Callaghan’s flawless vocals. At one point, O’Callaghan jumped down and ran over to the soundboard, ready to do something more stripped down with an acoustic guitar. He began with a quick cover of Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” before heading into “(Un)Lost,” and having a fan join him to finish the song off. A highlight of the night was their upbeat performance of “Tears Won’t Cry (Shinjū),” which is objectively one of the most dynamic songs on You Are OK. At the end of their set and after an electrifying rendition of “Numb Without You,” The Maine went into the emotional closing track “Flowers on the Grave.” Throughout the room, fans cried along and held up flowers they brought for that very song.

The Maine are currently finishing off their American tour and will be heading over to Europe in February, see dates here. And make sure to check out You Are OK here!

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