Capstan and Bayside @ The Secret Group in Houston, TX

Review & Photography by Vanessa Umanzor

Bayside is still going strong, and on the road for the December leg of their Interrobang Club Tour. I was fortunate enough to attend last Saturday’s sold-out show in Houston, Texas. The lineup featured Houston’s very own A More Perfect Union, Capstan, and of course Bayside.

I had never heard of Capstan before the show. This was a perfect example as to why every concert goer should show up for the openers; you never know when you might fall in love. They had so much energy on stage, and had the momentum to draw a jam-packed crowd that didn’t even know the lyrics in. Capstan took the stage by storm! I was absolutely infatuated that night with Capstan’s music, their energy, and could not leave till I got a copy of their latest album. I was near the front of the barricadeless venue getting pushed and shoved, but bracing the bodies around me was well worth seeing the action up on stage at arm’s length.

The 2000s band straddling almost two decades began with a slow tease playing Bernard Herman’s famous “Twisted Nerve”. Bayside came out full force opening with “Interrobang”. They have so many hits to play with, they were able to toss out plenty of their sacred texts early on in the setlist. One of this decade’s firsts, “Sick, Sick, Sick” – a brilliant tune that helped usher in the Killing Time era for one.

They continued with “Blame It On Bad Luck”, “Bury Me”, “Prayers”, and “Numb” to name a few. Finishing the set with “Devotion and Desire”. Overall, it was an intimate and memorable evening. The bands are very much down-to-earth, enticing, and humble human beings. They genuinely care about their supporters and are so thankful for the time committed to their music. If you get the chance to see them on this tour, definitely do it. I promise it’s a good way to close out the 2010s.

Capstan | Bayside

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