Remi Wolf, Cautious Clay: Toronto, Canada 2019

Remi Wolf, Cautious Clay @ The Great Hall in Toronto, Canada.

Photos & review by Mohamad Agha

On December 8th, on the US leg of his Context Tour, Cautious Clay stopped in Toronto. Fans are already in the venue, anxiously awaiting what is sure to be an incredible night. 

Starting off the night at 8pm, Remi Wolf, a native of the Bay Area, started the night with good vibes and had the crowd laughing and enjoying themselves. She came on stage with the most outrageously funny pair of hot-pink fur boots, and was able to keep the audience’s attention from the first note. She had them laughing and set the stage for what would be an amazing evening in one of Toronto’s most popular venues, The Great Hall. Throughout the night, Wolf performed songs like “Guy”, “Thicc”, and “Sauce”, off her EP You’re A Dog!, and even did some covers of some more popular songs.

As Remi’s set begins to wind down, she begins to get the crowd excited and asks if they’re ready for Cautious Clay, to which the audience screams with excitement. More fans begin to enter the Hall and the room soon gets packed with the energy of fans awaiting their favourite artist to perform. As one looks around the room, you notice that the audience is a mix of young teens and cheerful adults, which clearly shows that there is no age limit to the music that an artist puts out, and that at a concert, everyone is a fan, and all are welcome. 

The headliner, Cautious Clay, A Brooklyn area native, was on next. Prior to this show, Cautious Clay had been traveling across the US on the American Leg of his Context Tour, promoting his EP, Table of Context. He performed songs like his extremely popular “Cold War”, “Erase” and other songs from his album, like “HONEST ENOUGH”, “SETTLER’S PARADISE” off the EP. One of the highlights of the night was when he picked up the saxophone, and the crowd erupts with roars of excitement. Something that sets Cautious Clay apart from many artists these days is his incredible ability to play the saxophone and how effortless he seems to make it. Cautious Clay is definitely one to watch. 


Remi Wolf | Cautious Clay


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