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South Florida native, Preston C Howell, is a 15-year-old pop artist who has already made a name for himself. A contestant on season 17 of “The Voice” and current member of nationally-renowned “Acapop! KIDS”, he is already making waves in the industry. In June he will release his first ever single “Supply and Demand”, the first song for a project called “Leave On The Light”. A portion of the proceeds of this project will be donated to “Thank You First Responder”, a non-profit dedicated to providing mental health first aid to first responders. A member of Veracious got the chance to chat with him about all these projects found below.

Interview by Lexi Schnell

What did you learn from being on season 17 of “The Voice” that will stick with you in your music career?

During the battle round, I was able to be mentored by Usher in addition to John Legend.  During his feedback, he used the word “intimacy” breaking it down to “in-to-me-see” and helped me understand how to connect to the songs I sing at a deeper level.

You recently joined a movement called “Leave On The Light” that aims to bring awareness towards mental health among teens, why was this important for you to be a part of?

I have friends that are going through a lot and don’t feel comfortable speaking up about it; I can be a voice to speak up for them, I want them to know they are not alone.

June 19th you will be releasing your single “Supply and Demand”, what was the inspiration behind this song?

I met the songwriter bcuz at a boys and girls club charity event.  Bcuz is very open about his struggles with mental health and suicide. He wrote this song while living out of his car during a difficult time in his life.  When he asked me to sing his song and join the leave on the light movement, it became important for me to tell his story through this song.  It is about how we all need love and how we all have it to give; in a world that sometimes feels lonely, music bonds us together.

“Supply and Demand” is your first ever single to be released, are you at all nervous to see the reaction or are you excited to put this song out?

To be honest, I get nervous with anything I pour my heart into.  Yet, even under pressure when the time comes and the moment is here, the nerves subside allowing me to enjoy the moments.  I am most excited that my first single is in collaboration with such a great cause, it makes it that much more amazing.

On top of your own music career you are also in an a cappella group, what has this experience been like for you?

I have learned so much working with the Acapop team. Ben Bram and Shams Ahmed, the arrangers and creators for Acapop were the actual ones to discover just how low my range was.  Working with them and all the other directors and cast has taught me about recording in professional studios, being creative with harmonies, filming professional music videos, and so much more!


Keep an eye out for “Supply and Demand” being released on June 19th!

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