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Layke is a pop/EDM artist who grew up in Dallas, Texas and later moved out to Los Angeles to pursue music. In 2016 she had a chance run in with producer Adrian Gurvitz (Andra Day, Stevie Wonder) who helped her out of her comfort zone and produce her first two EPs. Layke strives to create a space for her fans to be themselves and be free from judgement. Layke is about to drop her third EP Frequency and just released a single called “Bad Things”. A member of Veracious got to chat with her about these projects below.

Interview by Lexi Schnell

How important is it to you to use your platform to advocate for things you believe in?

Extremely important. I really feel that if you are a person that has a platform, especially a person of privilege i.e. white privilege, if you are not using that platform and that privilege to do something to better this world and to forward the movement that is shaking the establishment which is what needs to happen, then you are being a terrible human. You are grossly misusing the platform and the power that you have selfishly. And I can’t get down with that. You must speak up if you have a platform especially if you have privilege. It’s inexcusable any other way.

Your latest single “Bad Things” highlights the LGBTQ+ community, can you explain your inspiration behind the song and what your main message behind it it?

This song speaks to my bi/pansexuality. On one hand as somebody that is bisexual and pansexual within the LGBTQIA+ community you often feel like you are not enough or you are questioned about your sexuality and you really don’t feel totally accepted all the time. Then conversely within the straight community people treat you as a novelty or don’t take you seriously and that makes you feel ostracized as well. So you can often feel like you really don’t belong anywhere and I really wrote this song about that… letting go of the bad things that we tell ourselves about ourselves, that we say about each other, within ourselves, the judgements, and really moving forward with love.

What can we expect from your third EP Frequency dropping soon?

Frequency really takes you on a journey. I wanted to make music that was going to make people feel deeply, music that was going to make them want to do something about what’s going on in the world and take action, and music that was going to make them move. There are moments of complete elation and there are moments of frustration and there are also moments of love and there are also moments of torment. It’s very honest… it’s some of the most honest music I’ve written and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

What is your biggest aspiration as a musician?

I want to put art out into the world that makes people feel something and that they connect with. I want to give people an experience and I want to exchange that energy through my music with them. Music for me growing up was a place of escape from a lot of things and I want to create a safe space for other people where they feel like they can go and be and do anything they want to.

You got to work with Snoop Dogg, how did this collaboration come about and what was this project like?

My producer Adrian Gurvitz was friends with Snoop because they had worked together before and I told Adrian one day that I wanted to do a cover of Marshmello and Bastille’s ‘Happier’ and how it would be cool to try to create a campaign to raise some money to do some good. And he suggested that we get Snoop involved and his non-profit Snoop Special Stars and before you knew it we were in the studio and then recording a video and it all just kind of happened really fast and was super surreal. He was such an amazing person and so great to work with. We had such a fabulous time that day making that video 🙂


Make sure you check out Layke’s latest single “Bad Things”!

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