Jeremy Stinson Releases “Runnin”

Originally from South Carolina, Jeremy Stinson rediscovered his love for music while attending college in Tennessee. Jeremy grew up immersed in a world of classical music, but after teaching himself to play classical pieces he quickly decided on a more pop/rock path. Once he decided to pursue music full time he moved out to Nashville, where the indie pop scene is flourishing.

On October 16, Jeremy is set to release his latest single “Runnin”, a relatable song about the rollercoaster of love. More specifically, about chasing after someone who doesn’t feel the same. With lines like “I know that you gave me a world of hurt, oh I loved it every time,” almost everyone can relate to “running” after someone who doesn’t see you the same way. This song features a catchy chorus and hook and is sure to get everyone dancing along. This is the first of several singles Jeremy plans on releasing this year. Make sure to listen to “Runnin” featured below and keep an eye out for his singles to be released in the future.

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