Riley Clemmons Releases “Healing”

Riley Clemmons, 20-year-old pop singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, just released her latest single “Healing”. This single features a moving story about finding your strength again after getting hurt and facing many challenges. With lyrics like “Got so used to the dark, scared what the light would do now” and “Found some purpose in all the hurt now I’m rediscovering what I’m worth” this song will make anyone feel less alone. Not only are the lyrics uplifting and relatable, but the melody will be caught in your head all day long. The music video features Clemmons in beautiful areas along the coast, lavender fields, and other natural areas. Her flowy chic outfits fit the scenery and create an atmosphere everyone will be longing to join. Overall, “Healing” is one of those songs everyone can find appreciation for, not only does it provide a strong message but it will also have you dancing around your house. Make sure to check out “Healing” below and keep an eye out for anything else from Riley Clemmons in the future!

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