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Producer and artist pluko has linked up with singer/songwriter Marlhy on an invigorating new single ‘Feelings’. Already a fan-favorite, ‘feelings’ was created as an anthemic, feel-good tune for the youth that is meant to inspire listeners to appreciate what they have and feel happy. Released on pluko’s label Splendid Society, ‘feelings’ is part of pluko’s 6-track EP ‘BABY BLUE’ that dropped last month and also follows Marlhy’s recent Halloween-inspired self release ‘R.I.P.’

Interview by Lexi Schnell



You recently released “Feelings” featuring Marlhy, how was this collaboration process for you?

pluko: It was super fun! Definitely a unique story… I honestly didn’t think that I would be the one singing the final track. I had gotten Marhly’s cut of the vocal in and was working with it in the same file that my vocals were in as well. I had the idea of playing them at the same time and it was just magic! They sounded so unique at the same time and it just told the story so beautifully.

In “Feelings” some of the lyrics are “We just the kids with the fucked up feelings” and “let’s build a world where we got no ceilings,” what was the inspiration behind this song?

pluko: This song was inspired by what it feels like to be young and growing in the world that we live in today. So much negativity being broadcasted all over the world. This song is about building something beyond that, something that exists within yourself and your loved ones.. “a world with no ceilings.” This track in it’s simplest form is just about letting go of bull shit and letting yourself be happy and positive.

You have your own record label, collective, and fashion brand named Splendid Society, what was the inspiration behind this and how was the creative process for you?

pluko: I am a very all over the place creative person. I’m literally obsessed with everything lol. Music, film, clothing, art, architecture, graphic design, the list could go on forever. I just love expression and creation. I wanted to create a home for that. My friends and I run Splendid Society together as a clothing brand, but we have aspirations of building the brand into something much bigger than just clothing. It’s also my hub for my music as well 🙂 I have big plans of creating a full label that has a roster of my favorite up and coming artists .

 What is it like getting to perform at festivals such as Coachella and Firefly?

pluko: Performing at festivals is so much fun. The fact that I haven’t been able to play shows for 8 months has been making me appreciate that even more too. The vibe at Coachella is unexplainable. So much happiness and so many inspiring people. Theres nothing that comes close to performing at a music festival. 

What is your biggest aspiration as a musician?

pluko: I think real life situations are the most inspiring things in my art. I obviously am very inspired by other physical and musical artists, but I think that raw human emotions and experiences are without a doubt the most inspiring and deep sources for my creative process.


What was it like collaborating with Pluko on “Feelings”?

Marlhy: It was an amazing experience! When I first heard the demo, I knew I wanted to be part of the song. Pluko was great to work with and encouraged me to bring my style and sound to the lyrics. I also love how Pluko put a new spin on the duet style by layering our voices together and I felt like that really supported the message in the song that “we’re just the kids” and we’re all in this together. 

 You’ve been doing music virtually your whole life, how do you think this has shaped the musician you are today?

Marlhy: Being in music for so long has given me the opportunity to learn a lot of instruments along the way as well as production. I’ve had a chance to dig into a lot of different styles to find what resonates with me the most and helps me guide the direction of my sound. It’s made me stronger as a musician because I know it’s not necessarily the mechanics of playing the instruments but how you use that music to convey emotions and a story. 

You are gearing up to release a new single R.I.P. this month. Can you tell us what the inspiration was behind the single? 

Marlhy: When I was in the studio writing R.I.P., I had just gone through a really difficult breakup. I was frustrated with myself for letting it hurt me for so long, and felt like the best way to bounce back from it was to tell myself I’m better than this. It’s really hard to let go of toxic people in your life, and knowing that other people feel the same and are going through the same thing, I wanted to try to create that anthem for people who need that reassurance and support that you’ve made the right choice in cutting toxic people out of your life.

You’ve released a lot of music over the last couple months, what does your writing process typically look like? 

Marlhy: The best way I can describe my writing process is really just shit talking with my friends. Every writing session, I go in with whoever I’m working with that day, and just talk about anything and everything going on in my life. We sit in a google doc and take bits and pieces from my rants and pick one of those lines to run with for the song. I love using this process because I always want to maintain a real and authentic story for my listeners. What you hear in my music is coming straight from me personally, always. 

 How would you describe your music style?

Marlhy: I don’t think any of us are motivated by only one genre, I think we’re motivated to listen to music that fits where we are emotionally, which will always change. My music is the same, it reflects where I am emotionally at the time, so it will change too. I like the music to fit the story I’m telling, rather than find a story to fit the music. 

Make sure you check out “Feelings” below!

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