Bree New Moon Releases “Young and Reckless”

R&B/Pop artist Bree New Moon is making her mark on the music industry as a “100 percenter,” meaning she writes, performs, and produces her own music. With a Native American mother and African American father, her influences range which allows her to create a unique sound and blend of music. Her latest release is “Young and Reckless”, a song about a carefree time in her life where responsibilities weren’t quite as heavy.

The music video for the single offers a unique first person point of view; they used a camera lens that mimics the human eye. A video originally planned to be shot with parties and large groups of people became a smaller ordeal due to covid, and this unique camera perspective allows people to feel as if they are there with Bree. The video follows her through the entire night as she appears to roam a neighborhood, a night most people can relate to. With a gravitating visual, and lyrics like “Cause we’re just havin’ fun, scared to admit we need someone” anyone can relate to this single. Bree New Moon also has a beautiful voice anyone can appreciate.

Make sure you check out Bree New Moons single “Young and Reckless” below!


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