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The Sharpe Family Singers are a modern day take on the iconic American classic family band The Partridge Family. Comprised of Ron (Dad), Barbra (Mom), and siblings Samantha, Logan, and twins Aidan and Connor, Sharpe Family Singers are rising to stardom with their original, witty, and creative musical content on TikTok, the hot spot for viral short form video content. Since starting their channel in February 2020, they have amassed more than 3.9 million followers and 68 million likes with more than 500 million views of their fun, family-friendly videos. Instagram has also been a popular avenue for the family, with more than 35 million views. The Sharpe Family Singers began their professional musical journey in 2014 touring globally, performing a combination of popular music and well-known theatrical numbers. Most recently, they are releasing a Christmas album titled A Sharpe Family Christmas with original music and cover songs for the 2020 holiday season. One of our team members got to chat with Samantha, check out her interview below!

Interview by Lexi Schnell

You are very close with your family, what is it like being in a music group with them?

It’s such a blast! I adore music, singing  and my family. And I get to combine all three! We are extra creative together and it’s amazing to work and be with the people you love and trust the most.

On A Sharp Family Christmas, set to release on November 20th, there are a few original Christmas songs, what was the writing process like for you guys?

We are all extremely picky when it comes to music! We had such a fun time exploring different ideas together and we never stopped until everyone was completely satisfied with it! We are very proud of our finish product.

Throughout quarantine your family has been very successful on TikTok, why did your family choose to create an account?

It’s all so crazy! We have been singing and working together as a family for many years now and  TikTok was just the platform we needed to showcase our talents! We thank the TikTok Gods everyday for giving us viral videos and we are extremely grateful!

You have been in multiple productions on Broadway, even winning a Kelsey Award for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical”, what have these experiences been like for you? 

I haven’t been on Broadway YET but I’ve been in many professional musicals! I love acting in different roles. It’s really fun to be someone else for a little while! My parents definitely inspired my broadway dreams! I really look up to them.

Do you have any musical goals or aspirations as an individual?

My main goal is to make people happy. I love the emotional journey music & singing can take you on. I hope to achieve that on a much larger scale! A singing competition show would be perfect for me!


Check out one of their original Christmas songs below and make sure you look for the entire album on your desired streaming platform!

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