Jillian Rossi Releases “So What”

Rising pop artist Jillian Rossi just released her latest single “So What” on November 16th featuring influential TikTok’ers such as Brooke Lynne and Sienna Mae. The 15+ TikTok’ers featured in her video all hold up signs of encouragement such as “Never Give Up” and “You’re Enough” creating a welcoming atmosphere. Viewers may also recognize Amanda LaCount dancing in the music video, she was a contestant on Americas Got Talent this past season. This range of cameos present in the video adds to Rossi’s message of self empowerment and that everyone belongs. Her aim with the song is to promote positivity and self love, and I think she accomplishes this through the video and her lyrics.

Overall, this is a very catchy and empowering song that everyone should listen to and can appreciate. Everyone is struggling with something and battles with their self worth, this song can make you feel less alone in these instances. Make sure you check out “So What” below and keep an eye out for Jillian Rossi’s future work!

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