Shallow Pools Release “Ice Water”

Hailing from Massachusetts, Indie-Pop band Shallow Pools released their brand new single “Ice Water” today. This catchy single is about something everyone in the world can relate to right now, being stuck in quarantine and isolation. More specifically, this single is about how being in isolation affects our mental health. With lyrics like “Been going nowhere as the nights turn into days” and “Every day’s the same and there’s no breaking out” it’s hard not to relate to this song in our current world.

The music video accompanying this song is a perfect representation of the songs meaning. The video shows the band members going through typical quarantine activities; sitting around the house, going outside for walks, gardening, eating food, and some outdoor recreational activities. As the scenes progress, parts of the image become pixelated and blurry to represent how fuzzy and strange our brains can feel after being isolated for all this time. The song and video provide an upbeat but relatable look into how quarantine is affecting peoples lives.

Make sure you keep an eye on Shallow Pools for all their future endeavors and check out “Ice Water” below!


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