After Hour Animals Release “My Anxiety”

On March 19th you’ll be wanting to add a new song to your playlist. The five piece band from Milwaukee, After Hour Animals is releasing their latest single “My Anxiety” on Friday. This metal band takes influence from a large array of genres to create a new style of metal never heard before; the two vocalists balance each other perfectly to create a sound that I think would appeal to all listeners. The main focus of the song is to touch on the overwhelming and consuming feeling of anxiety and how struggling with anxiety can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Even if you can’t relate to the feelings of anxiety, everyone knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and to maybe even cope with whatever is going on in our life in unhealthy ways.

The music video to accompany this song is set to represent a horror film, and they definitely succeed in telling a story. Through the video there is a masked figure coming along and killing the band members, this figure is there to represent their anxiety attacking every part of their life. There was clearly a lot of thought put into this music video, and it definitely payed off. In between the story line there are segments of the band performing their latest single, and it is evident from these clips that the band has an insane stage presence that would be sure to entertain everyone once live shows resume. Make sure you check out After Hour Animals latest single “My Anxiety” featured below and keep an eye out for everything to come from them in the future!

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