Kyd The Band Releases Season 4: The Finale

The Filipino-Spanish singer-songwriter Devin Guisande (aka Kyd The Band) has just released his latest EP Season 4: The Finale today, and you definitely want to take a listen. With four honest songs about difficult times in the artist’s life, there’s something everyone can relate to. The first song released off the EP was “Glory” accompanied by a music video found below. With lyrics like “I’m hearing the voices demanding, tryin’ pulling me down but I’m standing”, it’s the anthem we’ve been missing. The music video follows several different people doing their best to achieve all of their dreams, and all the work and effort it took them to make it a reality. The music video is done extremely well and provides an inspiring visual to accompany the song. 

“Real Problems” features TAELA, her voice is the perfect addition to this track, she compliments Devins voice very well. This song is about Kyd The Bands battle with addiction and overdose. It is important for him to write directly from experience and share his story to show other people they are not alone and “Real Problems” is a great example of this. Along with this song being super honest about his past, it is very catchy and I have been singing it in my head the last couple days and I don’t mind. 

In the third song off the EP, “Somebody’s Song”, the emotion in Kyd The Bands voice is captivating. With lyrics like “Were we broken all along?” and “Never thought I’d be the one with scars, writing out emotions in the dark, always knew you’d end up someones song, somebody’s heartbreak, never thought that it would be mine” it’s hard not to understand where the emotion is coming from. “Small World” appears to be about a relationship that didn’t work out but you still manage to see that person everywhere and find things that remind you of them. This is something many people have been through and can understand the struggle of getting over someone. Overall, every song off this EP is worth listening to; even though the EP is called Season 4: The Finale, we can only hope this is nowhere near the finale of his music career. Make sure you check out Kyd The Bands EP released today and check out the music video for “Glory” down below!

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