As we end September, it’s clear it’s been a busy year for Siiickbrain, the musical persona of Caroline Miner Smith. So far it has been characterized by the releases of “HELLSIDE” and “SILENCE”, two great examples of her exhilarating and dark craft. As well as joining Skrillex and Swae Lee on their track “Too Bizarre”, and teaming up with Russian performance art group, Pussy Riot on “POWER”. More recently, she dropped a vampy rendition of Hawthorne Heights’ song “Ohio is for Lovers”, on September 17. 

Siiickbrain said, “This collaboration means so much to me for so many reasons. A few years ago, I was listening and singing “Ohio Is For Lovers” in the car and discovered for the first time that I could scream.” She shared, “Ever since then, Hawthorne Heights has been a huge part of the music that I create and a tremendous influence to me. The concept of the music video was heavily influenced by my love for horror films. I wanted to portray a dark, distorted take on the original song and how sometimes you feel like you can’t live without someone.”

‘Ohio is for Lovers” is an interesting collab, as Hawthorne Heights is an emo band hailing from Ohio, but the track is polished, seamless, and highlights Siiickbrain’s ability to push boundaries and genres. The track features soft, rough, and airy vocals, sounds that demonstrate the complexities of love, and Hawthorne’s Heights iconic lyrics. It’s gloomy, intense, and typical of Siickbrain. It’s everything you can expect from her and even more.

Hawthorne Heights’ frontman JT Woodruff: “It’s a truly treasured experience when you get to step into someone else’s world, as they step into yours. When approached by Siiickbrain, I was flattered that a younger generation of artists had even heard of us, and to work together was divine madness. I’ve never thought of my music as having a dark side, so it’s super wild to see and hear it like this”

You can now stream the song, and watch the music video to “Ohio is for Lovers” below.

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