Meet Indie-Alternative Artist Vacances

Meet Vacances, the moniker of one West Coast-based artist Danny Lannon. Vacances was created back in 2015 following the breakup of Lannon’s former electro-indie project, The Frail. But that hasn’t stopped him for the last 5 years, and he only seems to be looking forward. Mingling with production and songwriting partners from notable acts of Montreal, Rubyhorse, Cheerleader, Geographer, and The Kickdrums helped give Lannon his ‘80s-inspired indie alternative songs the essence we can hear now.

Vacances has recently shared his newest single, “Love Collapse”, which can be streamed now via Bandcamp. The track recently premiered on Atwood Magazine who called it “a sunny indie-pop anthem of intimate connection and growth.” The track is featured on Vacances’ Love Collapse EP as well.

Vacances shares, “’Love Collapse’ was an idea that I had floating around musically for the past 4 years. I had a crazy case of writer’s block after releasing my last EP and had moved to Mexico City to explore writing at a studio called Toy Factory. It was an incredible experience and I eventually came back to the states and tried a few different versions of it. It ended up getting to where it is today when I connected with William and Carl. This song is a testament to pushing through no matter what the challenge.”

‘Love Collapse” follows in the positive footsteps of its predecessor singles. Such as Vacances’ first single “Runaways” from back in 2016 which was praised by multiple outlets. Even his viral hits. “Never Give Up,” has racked up over 190,000 spins, and his single “Callin’” amassed over 250,000 spins.

Overall, “Love Collapse” is a sweet and uplifting song that individuals from different walks of life could relate to. Even I can think of my personal relationships and reflect on how sometimes despite them I feel like I’ll never dig myself out of the hole I am in. But then see how visibly and concrete people in my life are going to be there for one another. How our devotion to each other will be the standard and prevail.

Make sure you check out “Love Collapse” on Bandcamp and keep an eye out for big things that are in store for Vacances!




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