There aren’t many otherworldy musicians such as PLEXXAGLASS. Their vocals are their regiment, and their choruses legendary. Their music’s strengths can range from being catchy and immersive, to marvelously well-engineering and packed with goosebump-inducing lyrics. This is very evident in their debut album, WHERE IS YOUR GOD, KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW? It’s more cordial and down-to-earth than at least 85% of what is played on mainstream radio. The best tracks on this record burrow into a kind of long, dark groove that has characterized the artist from the very beginning; they’ve always been about losing yourself in the mysticalness of the uncanny. Nevertheless, their music tends to be relatively uncomplicated, but not friction-free—in short, polite to the ears but not what you would expect from any pop artist.

The album comes with many pleasures. The opening “Lilith”, which was produced by none other than Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, is resilient and driving, with a divine lead reminiscent of a trance. The electric number “Tall” manages the perfect balance of effortlessly cool and empowerment. The explosive “DYD” sounds a lot like a post-apocalyptic anthem. And lastly, we have a compelling iteration of the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive”. Who knew a song with so much gravity could be made even more powerful?

Some songs are heavier. “Aloft” seems to tear pages from the same playbook as the former songs, yet feels surprisingly stray in the best way. Not only is the first to share a more uncertain side to the musician (“Further away, I think we’re making a mess, it’s taking hold I’m shameless, save ourselves from ourselves, further way from the truth we go”), but it is also the first to allude to how turbulent relationships can be. And the break-up song “Lament en Route” aims for a bittersweet release, but it gets hung up on its earnest vocals and doesn’t let you go. Giving crooner Adele’s latest a run for her money.

PLEXXAGLASS never seems to be going through the motions. Melodies have never sounded richer, and once introduced, their sounds morph, and their themes evolve; varying and seamless. “Liar,” is a perfect tribute to the modern human spirit. Best of all is “Pinch Me” which mixes thundering screams and glistening synths until they swirl like the interior of a lava lamp at twice its regular speed. Lyrics questioning, once again at their wit’s end, are sure to send anyone’s heart absolutely racing.

PLEXXAGLASS shares: “WHERE IS YOUR GOD, KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW? is my memoir. If you listen close enough, you’re listening to an audio blueprint of the past 6 years of my life, as a person and an artist. It’s also a letter to you; you are worthy of telling and sharing your story. You never know who needs to hear it.”

Overall, WHERE IS YOUR GOD, KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW? is a rewarding listen, regardless of personal music taste. In some cases, almost transformative. PLEXXAGLASS is first and foremost a very talented musician with a natural ear for composition and arrangement, and when that is combined with a good message, it is no surprise that something breathtaking is the end result. There is a move towards an ethereal ambiance here, and this groundwork is sure to lead to a future that is no less compelling.


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