Moontower, The Wrecks, & The Driver Era: Girlfriend Tour

Moontower, The Wrecks, and The Driver era at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ on November 23rd, 2021.

Photography and words by Lexi Schnell

Tuesday night at Asbury Lanes, Moontower opened first at a sold-out show. You could tell from the moment they stepped on stage that their energy would be contagious. They performed their song “After Dark” for the first time this tour which was almost as much of a crowd pleaser as their cover of Britney Spears “Oops!… I Did It Again”, with amazing dance moves to match. This indie-pop band is originally from Los Angeles and is a trio consisting of Jacob Berger, Tom Carpenter, and Devan Welsh. If you’re located near San Francisco make sure you check out their headlining show on December 16th. 

The Wrecks opened next; they are a five piece rock band also from Los Angeles. They played my personal favorite of theirs “Fvck Somebody”, lead singer Nick Anderson says this song is about waking up in a long term relationship and realizing you didn’t feel the same way before, but you have no reason to break up with them so you wish they would do something wrong. They had a great relationship with the crowd, even throwing back and forth a paper airplane from the crowd to the stage. They ended with the song they are most known for “Favorite Liar”, which was bound to be a crowd pleaser and for good reason. If you enjoy a high energy, fun rock band make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a headlining tour announcement that the band alluded to.

By the time The Driver Era got on stage, the crowd was plenty warmed up. From the moment the band stepped on stage, you could feel the excitement from the crowd thrilled to finally see their favorite band. The crowd provided the band with multiple props throughout the night, from roses to a feather boa. Multiple chants took place throughout the night from “Rydel”, and “Super Funk”, to “Sex on Fire”. Even though Ross reasoned that the fans heard the song “Sex on Fire” enough in between sets the band happily obliged to the crowds request. They recently released a new album Girlfriend but made sure to also play songs off the first album. Crowd pleasers were “Natural”, “Preacher Man”, “giveuwhatuwant”, “San Francisco”, “#1 Fan”, and “A Kiss”. You could tell that after all these years they all still love performing together, and even though The Driver Era only consists of Ross and Rocky Lynch, its nice to see their other siblings up on stage with them again. If the Girlfriend tour has not come near you yet, you definitely want to make it a priority to get to, not a single band on this tour will disappoint.

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