Gilligan Moss, Elderbrook: Toronto, Canada 2021

Gilligan Moss, Elderbrook @ The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Canada on December 3rd 2021

Review and photography by Mohamad Agha

First off to start the Friday night at The Danforth Music Hall was house duo, Gilligan Moss,  made up of Ben Cronin and Evan Dorfman. Playing songs from their eponymous debut album, Gilligan Moss, the duo was able to quickly get the crowd fired up and dancing. Their music was catchy and explosive, and included songs such as “GM from GM :)” and “Special Thing”. It was the perfect start to an incredible evening filled with dancing, and good vibes. Gilligan Moss were able to get the crowd going for the headliner of the show, Elderbrook.

Once their set ended, it was time to see Alexander Kotz, otherwise known by his stage name, Elderbrook. Sporting a black top and a man bun, Kotz emerged to a roaring crowd, excited for what was definitely an unforgettable evening at The Danforth. All throughout the performance, the deep bass could be felt underfoot, and the crowd was definitely in tune, dancing along and visibly excited for this incredible performer’s stage presence. As soon as he got to his instruments, Elderbrook’s stage presence was even more spectacular than before, as he began belting out high notes and harmonies along with the music. Situated on a small platform lit up by a variety of lights,  Kotz was bouncing up and down along with his music and was feeding off the incredible energy of the young crowd, at times even stepping up to the front of the stage so he could get closer to the audience. His setlist included included both new and old songs such as “Dominoes” from his newly released Innerlight EP, as well as “Never Gonna Forget” with Black Coffee and Diplo, as well as “Numb” from Why Do We Shake In the Cold?, his second album. The show was definitely a needed respite from what has surely been a difficult year for many, and the show was definitely one to remember for the crowd.

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